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    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that has contributed to the continued success of Nocturnal Lunacy.  While definitely not our cleanest kill, technically it was not our worst (Blast Furnace/Iron Maidens).  Take away any/all opinions on WHY it took us a few over 200 pulls to kill Blackhand, overall we did as good if not better than most guilds.  I don’t use this word enough, but I truly am proud of every member on our roster for contributing to this achievement.


    Nocturnal Lunacy was born out of the ashes of Nexus-Uldaman, where it achieved moderate success on a low-pop server.  Once transferred to Stormrage, Vida, Jeff (bearglove), Fergus, and others started building a foundation here that to this day remains.  The core principles of this guild where focused around recruiting good people first, good raiders second.  When Nocturnal Lunacy killed Deathwing the guild was US 2,577 and server 51 for 10M raiding.  Tier 14 (HoF, ToES, MSV) the guild continued to work hard, and it ended that tier at  US 506 and server 16, killing all bosses except for Sha of Fear and the Grand Empress.  Tier 15 (ToT) was the first tier where Nocturnal Lunacy cleared all current content.  That kill had Nocturnal Lunacy as US 274, server  11 for 10M content.  On that roster and STILL raiding here we have Fergus, Dankrupt, Scumwitagun (aka Jeff aka Bearglove) and Vida.  To include in history because if nothing else it is what gets passed down, I will always remember that tier because it was when i came back to this guild and my first Heroic kill coming back was Ra-Den (I shall always troll you fergus with my achieve).


    Siege of Orgrimmar is when this guild hit its stride and really took off.  The hard work that was put in by so many individuals paid off, as the guild ended US 97 and Realm 3 for 10M content.  SoO was when this guild continued to build and develop its core of raiders.  We actually had 2 10M teams initially, of which both had very good success; however, when the ‘other’ team fell apart, we picked up Ifted and Meglan who both contributed to the back end of SoO progression and worked to put this guild in such a strong position.  It wasn’t until after we finished our SoO progression that I took over as Raid Lead for this guild and we started transitioning from 10M to 25M.  While this transition was very difficult and time consuming, it would NEVER have been successful had it not been for the recruitment of more raiders who still now work in this guild and contribute to our success: Kev, Zynadin, Blutok, Catalyst, Zander, and Trinkit (who was actually declined in this guild by me initially, and whom Fergus wanted to kick on multiple occasions).


   After SoO, with new mythic content, the guild was forced to adjust to the inevitable changes and real life issues that would affect its raiders.  In HM, the first part of this tier, NL was plagued with times where it had little to no bench and could barely raid; however, despite these setbacks, Zynadin stepped up and took over Raid Leading the majority of Highmaul.  Eventually, Fergus forced me to come back to save the kittens of the world (for those that don’t know, Zyn was killing kittens to overcome the stress of raid leading) and I took over raid leading again in Blackrock Foundry.  In BRF, this guild as a whole stepped up.  We started recruiting better and better players, many of whom are here today and who in all the officers minds hope will be part of this guilds core for the future. Lorshan, Kyliara, Shotss, Vahkmaul, Sobalanced, Flotinsasu (can he play shaman???), Watchthefail, Firstmike, and Nihrd.  For the majority of this tier that group came into Nocturnal Lunacy and exemplified the  standards this guild has had since day 1.  The potential in that group of recruits exceeds any expectations I would have put on them from day one.  As the tier was near its end, we brought in Nyghtmare, Appleseedsz and Maxemas, all strong players who I look forward to working with and seeing them help make this guild more successful.


    We finished this tier US 99, Server 6, World 337.  Our only goal coming into this tier with a standardized mythic setup was to finish the tier as content and we exceeded this expectation.  Moving forward I look forward to us pushing even higher in both US and World rankings.  I am PROUD of this guild.  I am PROUD of its achievements.  I am PROUD of its members.


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