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Folks, some additional information regarding EPGP...

Beginning today, for each loot roll you will see a popup with (4) options:

  1. MAINSPEC - This indicates an item that is a major upgrade and/or BiS for your class and spec. If you have the highest PR of others also rolling Mainspec, you will win the item. Mainspec rolls take priority over Minor Upgrade, Offspec, or Greed/Transmog. The GP cost for a Mainspec roll is 100%.
  2. MINOR UPGRADE - Indicates an item that is essentially a minor upgrade or side grade for your class and spec. If someone is rolling Mainspec, you will not have priority regardless of your PR. However, Minor Upgrade takes priority over Offspec or Greed/Transmog. The GP cost for a Minor Upgrade roll is 25%.
  3. OFFSPEC - Indicates an item that is for your class off-spec. Offspec takes priority over Greed/Transmog. The GP cost for an Offspec roll is 10%.
  4. GREED/TRANSMOG - Greed/Transmog has the lowest priority. The GP cost is 0%. Winners are determined strictly by the /roll result (which is automatically done when you click GREED/TRANSMOG). 


As an example - Assuming Kech has a PR of 1 and Vida has a PR of 2, if Kech rolls Mainspec and Vida rolls Minor Upgrade, Kech will win the item even though Vida has a higher PR.

Note that deliberately rolling a level higher is generally frowned upon. For example, as a healer, there is nothing stopping me from rolling Mainspec on a DPS trinket. However, as a policy, those type of rolls may be discarded unless that DPS trinket is actually a BiS option for a healing mainspec. Keep in mind that you can, of course, intentionally roll lower (roll Minor Upgrade even though the item may be a major upgrade or BiS) in an effort to save EP. But that does carry the risk that another raider will roll Mainspec on that item. Note that you cannot see other player's rolls until you have made your choice. 

ADDENDUM: If you roll Mainspec and no other raider rolls higher than Offspec, you will win the item at the GP cost of Minor Upgrade. 


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EPGP & Veteran Status

by Vida Loca, 145 days ago

Beginning this Tuesday July 8th, we will be implementing the EPGP loot system. We already have EPGPLootmaster running, and will enable EP and GP distribution. Please ensure that you have the EPGP addon if you wish to view EP, GP, and PR.

Basic information on the EPGP system can be found HERE.

In addition to EP rewards for raid attendance and boss kills, we will also be awarding EP for farming and guild activities. Initially, this will be limited to GB deposits of Flasks and Pots at the rate of 1 EP per Pot and 11 EP per Flask. This will be capped at 500 EP per week. Eventually, we will be expanding rewards to include deposits of other consumables and various guild activities.

IMPORTANT: Please stack Pots in groups of 20 and Flasks in groups of 3. DO NOT DEPOSIT DIRECTLY INTO THE GB, or you will not receive credit. Mail the Flasks/Pots to Vida. Remember, you will receive credit for only up to 500 EP per week.

Veteran rank raiders will be receiving a one-time initial bonus to EP. Both Veterans and Members, as always, will continue to have loot priority over Initiates, regardless of PR.

Note that we may or may not use EPGP for WoD. At this point, we are testing the feasibility of the system for our guild.

Also, note that the Veteran rank will be "reset" as of the release of Warlords. ALL raiders will have the opportunity to earn or re-earn Veteran status. This rank is typically awarded to those members who have earned a spot on our progression team and have demonstrated solid raid performance, consistent attendance, and a team-first attitude. Some of the benefits of Veteran status are higher loot priority, greater access to the GB, and an increased Repair allowance.

Please address all questions to Vida. Thank you.


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