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re: App: Regidruid

The application submitted by Regidruid is as follows:

Name : Regidruid
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Sargeras
Level : 100
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Worgen
Class : Druid
Spec 1 : Feral (Cat)
Spec 2 : Balance

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

What is your main spec? Do you have a viable off spec? Discuss your gear, talent build, and rotations, as well as how they complement each other.:
My MS is feral and my OS is boomkin. My gear is heavy with crit and mastery. Every time I crit with rake or shred, I get 2 combo points instead of one, which means I get more finishers over the course of the fight. Mastery increases my DoT damage from all my cat form DoTs. My two biggest talents are Incarnation and Bloodtalons. Incarnation is a 3min CD that lines up with Berserk. Together, they are my biggest CDs. Bloodtalons gives my next 2 abilities a 30% damage increase after I use healing touch. I mainly use those procs for finishers and bleeds.

What previous guilds have you been in? Why did you leave or are considering leaving? :
I joined schadenfreude - Illidan in 5.4 until I took a break when WoD came out. I was also in Element - Blackrock after I took a break when WoD started. With them, I was able to get 6/10M late into the tier. Shortly after 6.2 came out, I got a new job with hours that would not allow me to raid with Element, so I had to leave them. I ended up transferring to Sargeras to join Afflicted. Together with them, we obtained 5/13M before the guild decided to break up.

What is your raiding history? Include the name and class/spec of the character along with which guild from above that you were in at that time. We are only interested in content when it was current.:
I started seriously raiding in SoO, where I was able to achieve 14/14M with Schadenfreude - Illidan. My character's name was Regidruid and I played Feral. After I decided to come back to WoW, I joined Element - Blackrock, where I played Feral again, achieved 6/10M, and kept the name Regidruid. Finally, I joined Afflicted - Sargeras playing Feral with the name Regidruid. We were able to get 5/13M before our guild broke up

What addons do you use for raiding and why? Please ensure that they are visible in your UI picture below.:
WeakAuras for buffs and debuffs. Droodfocus to track my dots and snapshots. And BigWigs to track boss timers. I also use ExtraCD to track trinkets.

Post a up-to-date picture of your UI (use a site such as imgur or Tinypic if needed) while in combat. If you have hidden key binds please have them showing for your UI picture. We are interested in seeing how you play.:

Please list your Btag info so that we may reach out to you promptly.:

Please link your recent parses from Warcraftlogs.:

Do you have Mumble and do you have a working mic?:

List your computer specifications (CPU & Graphics card):
I5 processor 3.3ghz (quad), GTX 560 ti

How old are you? Male, female, or other?:
I am a 21 year old male.

Why should we consider you for membership?:
I constantly strive to be the best at what I like to do in every aspect of my life, including raiding with my Feral. I enjoy hearing constructive criticism because it gives me a different perspective and allows me to see what I can do better. I always come prepared for encounters and will study them during my free time. I do, however, learn best with hands on experience. I am a pretty enthusiastic person as well and I try not to let my mood negatively affect others if I'm feeling particularly down that day.

What are your expectations of us? What are you looking for in a guild?:
I am looking for a guild that strives to constantly progress and improve. I'm looking for solid leadership that is fair. I do prefer guilds that like to talk and have fun, but focus up when it comes to killing bosses, but that's not really a prerequisite for me to join a guild.

Is there any additional information we should be aware of when reviewing your application?:
I am currently only 5/13M, but I feel like I have the potential to achieve much higher progress.

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