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re: App: Criminology92

The application submitted by Criminology92 is as follows:

Name : Proudmary
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Stormrage
Level : 100
Gender : Female
Faction : Alliance
Race : Dwarf
Class : Warrior
Spec 1 : Arms
Spec 2 : Fury

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

What is your main spec? Do you have a viable off spec? Discuss your gear, talent build, and rotations, as well as how they complement each other.:
I'm a dps Arms/Fury warrior, but it with arms prevailing on a majority of fights in Mythic HFC I'll say that's my "mainspec". My gear as arms is built around stacking mastery, then crit to a certain % followed by multi strike then haste and versatility. I gem mastery for both specs as my fury gear is well over the crit cap. My arms rotation is pretty much rend targets, keep sweeping strikes up, mortal strike like crazy and execute sub-20. Bloodbath/avatar depending on the fight and fury when I run blade storm for heavy AoE fights.

What previous guilds have you been in? Why did you leave or are considering leaving? :
I've been in a few this teir, recently Down For Life of Uldaman, the guild where Clutchmedic came from. I transferred there to raid and a week later they disbanded. Then I found Divide and Conquer on Sargeras, where I really liked it but I had surgery a few weeks ago on my jaw and was unable to raid, so I told them to replace my raid spot with a warrior who I knew. They raided a bit early for my liking anyways. (8 est start)

What is your raiding history? Include the name and class/spec of the character along with which guild from above that you were in at that time. We are only interested in content when it was current.:
Proudmary Arms/Fury Warrior I was 4 or 5 of 7 mythic highmaul, I tanked and dps'd back then. 7/10 BRF with Sacrfice of Turyalon (Also disbanded, my luck.) And then 6/13 M HFC with my current guild. Me, the other warrior and a DK 3 manned the gorefiend adds and managed it pretty well. Would've killed it a lot sooner if people didn't die to dumb shit.

What addons do you use for raiding and why? Please ensure that they are visible in your UI picture below.:
Dominos for bars, DBM for boss mods, skada for meters, Shadow Unit Frames for bars and WeakAuras2 for tracking rotation and cds. Those are the big ones.

Post a up-to-date picture of your UI (use a site such as imgur or Tinypic if needed) while in combat. If you have hidden key binds please have them showing for your UI picture. We are interested in seeing how you play.: (I can get a more recent one upon request)

Please list your Btag info so that we may reach out to you promptly.:

Please link your recent parses from Warcraftlogs.:
Here are some BRF parses, heroic and mythic.
Here is HFC,

For some reason my Mythic Kormrok kill is bugged on that link so here's that parse. Timing ravager is hard...

Do you have Mumble and do you have a working mic?:

List your computer specifications (CPU & Graphics card):
GTX 760 GPU, 3.6 ghz quad core intel.

How old are you? Male, female, or other?:
Other / 22

Why should we consider you for membership?:
I feel that I'm a well rounded player, reliable and not difficult to raid with or be around. Sometimes I might even make a joke or two.

What are your expectations of us? What are you looking for in a guild?:
A STABLE guild. Please don't disband if you decide to trial me... <3 No but just a fun environment to raid 3 nights a week a kill bosses. I'm not that picky. I prefer loot council as well, not a fan of DKP.

Is there any additional information we should be aware of when reviewing your application?:
I'm actually Ben Carson. Vote for me. Fuck trump. Oh and I'm having a baby in November so I will likely miss a day or two when she's born if it's during the raid week. Wanted to mention that! Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you. ** Also Clutchmedic is my dude, so you can inquire about me to him if you'd like.

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