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re: App: dotjpeg

The application submitted by dotjpeg is as follows:

Name : yvetall
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Stormrage
Level : 100
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Worgen
Class : Warlock
Spec 1 : Destruction
Spec 2 : Affliction

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

What is your main spec? Do you have a viable off spec? Discuss your gear, talent build, and rotations, as well as how they complement each other.:
Affliction, Yes Destro, All the gear for both specs are centered around Mastery>haste>crit=multi , and for talents i generally use the same talents minus the dps increase ones like the baseline Talents i use are as follows, first tier= Soul Leach, its a passive shield when you deal damage with Incinerate, Shadow burn, and Chaos Bolt which are all used frequently so its a constant shield going out which helps with survivability, second tier= Shadow fury which is a 3 sec stun with a 30 sec CD which is useful on alot of fights when you need crown control or there is alot of adds dealing damag efor example on Xhul'Horac its perfect for the imps. Third Tier = Soul link normally it just splits the damage taken between you and your pet by 20% but since im taking grimoire of Sacrafice its giving me a 20% HP increase, which is more survivability, and Fourth Tier= Burning Rush is a 50% speed boost which is turned on and off and drains 4% of your max life Per Second when your using it which is great mobility and warlocks suffer when there is a lack of mobility and lots of movement so its pretty useful, and Tier Five= Grimoire of Sacrafice which we sacrifice our current pet and gain 25% increased damage with all of our single target spells and regenerate 2% of our maximum Health every 8 sec's so its a damage increase and passive heal. Tier six= Archimondes Darkness which gives us 2 charges on Dark Soul which is really strong and gives us alot to play with in reguards to when we use Dark Soul. Now Tier seven is the only thats different only because its mainly talents per spec not just baseline so for Destruction the Talent of choice is Charred remains which makes Incinerate and Conflagrate deal 50% less damage but regenerate 200% more embers as well as make our Fire and Brimstone effect ChaosBolt which is huge not only does it give us more embers to play with but it also makes it to where ChaosBolt can AoE which is a really strong talent.As far as Affliction goes the go to Talent is SoulBurn:Haunt which makes buffs our haunt to increase our DOT damage by an additional 20% which if you pair that with any of your static trinket buffs and/or Dark Soul its pretty huge.As far as glyphs go for Destro I mainly choose (Siphon Life) which passively regenerates 0.35% max HP when dealing damage with Immolate which is always great to have passive healing, (Eternal Resolve) Which makes it to where we can no longer use Unending Resolve but we passively gain 10% damage reduction which is kinda self explanitory, and (Healthstone) Which gives 100% more healing with healthstone, but gives us the healing over 10 Sec's. The only one that is different between the 2 specs is for affliction I run (Unstable Aflliction) which reduces the cast time of UA by 25% and I use that one over (Healthstone). As far as rotation goes for Destro= Pre-pot,Pre-cast Incinerate at 5s on the countdown (from max range),Pre-cast Incinerate,Pre-cast Immolate,Doomguard (if Bloodlust/Heroism is used on the pull),Dark Soul + Racial CDs,Conflagrate x2,Incinerate x number of times (stack as high as possible without ember capping if using Fragment of the Dark Star),Chaos Bolt (as many as you can fit inside trinkets),Re-apply Immolate,Incinerate spam, use Conflagrate charge,Finish ember dump with Chaos Bolt before Dark Soul ends. And for Affliction= 22 seconds before pull: Pre-cast Soulburn.precasting your Soulburn you give yourself an extra Soul Shard at the start of the fight.5 seconds before pull: Draenic Intellect Potion.<2 seconds before pull: Pre-cast Haunt. This will apply Haunt to the target and give you the Haunting Spirits buff. If you are using a pet send it to attack while doing this.<1 second before pull: Pre-cast Unstable Affliction.On the pull: Cast Soulburn: Soul Swap which will immediately apply Corruption, Agony, and Unstable Affliction to your target. Your Unstable Affliction will have a full pandemic duration,Hit Dark Soul: Misery,Cast Drain Soul,Follow priority.

Keep Agony, Unstable Affliction, and Corruption applied to the target. This should NEVER fall off your primary target and your uptime should be above 95% if you are playing properly. If for some reason all 3 fall off (you had handle a mechanic that put the boss out of range for example) then the order for reapplication should be Agony -> Corruption -> Unstable Affliction.
Reapply Soulburn: Haunt when it's about to fall off, <9 seconds. You should make sure to have 2 Soul Shards banked at all times so this never falls off.
Cast Summon Doomguard/Terrorguard when under the effects of Bloodlust or when the target is under 20% Health.
Cast Haunt ONLY under the following circumstances:
1) You have 4 Soul Shards. Cast Haunt so you do not waste any Nightfall procs.
2) You have 3 Soul Shards and have a major damage boost up. Such as a trinket proc, Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp, or Dark Soul: Misery.
Cast Drain Soul.Try to recast Drain Soul about 3/4ths of the way through the channel immediately after it ticks.

What previous guilds have you been in? Why did you leave or are considering leaving? :
Ok so the guild im currently in is my guild so not really relivant but the guild previous to that one was AHH they where 5/13M and they removed me from the trial period because being in the military i have training events that came up and it was last minute and on the first week of my trial so they went ahead and just recruited another lock due to there attendance issues they where already having, and then the guild before that was Insanity and the reason i left them was due to there lack of motivation and them constantly surrounding the guild with players who couldnt do mechanics and perform the way they needed to so i went looking for players to surround myself who where better. And those where all the guilds Ive been for the past 2 years.

What is your raiding history? Include the name and class/spec of the character along with which guild from above that you were in at that time. We are only interested in content when it was current.:
T18: 5/13 M
T17: 6/7 H 10/10 H(came back to the game as HFC dropped)(Insanity-us aerie peak)
T16: 14/14 H (Prenerf) (Insanity-us aerie peak )
T15: 13/13 H (Adamant-us Stormrage)
T14: 8/16 H (Ante Meridam-us Stormrage)
T13: 8/8 H (Synesthesia-us Stormrage)
T12: 4/7 H (Infliction-us Stormrage)
T11: 12/12 N (Infliction-us Stormrage)
T10: 11/12H dont (Threat-us Durotan)

What addons do you use for raiding and why? Please ensure that they are visible in your UI picture below.:
DBM(For assistance with encounters)/Elvui(to make my ui pretty and cleaned up)/Weakauras2(to track my buffs and debuffs in raid)/Excorsus raid tools(Because most guilds use it in planning there strats)/Iskar assist(helps with Iskar)/Skada(to track my deeps and see if im doing anything wrong im not supposed to )

Post a up-to-date picture of your UI (use a site such as imgur or Tinypic if needed) while in combat. If you have hidden key binds please have them showing for your UI picture. We are interested in seeing how you play.:

Please list your Btag info so that we may reach out to you promptly.:

Please link your recent parses from Warcraftlogs.: I have no Access to my logs from my previous mythic kills due to the logs being private.

Do you have Mumble and do you have a working mic?:

List your computer specifications (CPU & Graphics card):
Intel(r) core(TM)I7-4790k CPU @4.00 GHZ, 16gigs of HyperX ram, Evga GT FTX 690 2gigs of Vram.

How old are you? Male, female, or other?:

Why should we consider you for membership?:
I am consistanly reviewing logs of other locks to see what there doing thats different from me to keep up with the other top locks and , as well as simcraft and other research, mmo-champ forums, chatting with zinnin , ghaddo, and watching streams of other locks im competitive and hungry to kill bosses and stay top on the server and in the world.

What are your expectations of us? What are you looking for in a guild?:
I expect that the guild keeps a solid roster, and consistently is staying in the loop with progression and is constantly keeping good players who, like me are hungry and have a desire to play well and be around better players and kill end game bosses and not just settle for whatever comes there way or whatever they can achieve.

Is there any additional information we should be aware of when reviewing your application?:
most of my logs are like 10-15 ilvls behind and i dont have my legendary ring im 1 mission away (keep killing my ships) but once receiving that i shouldnt have any issues being up to the standard.


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re: APPROVED - App: dotjpeg - by Ilostabet


I'll be in touch and we can talk some.


- Lost


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